Who are we?

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WE are a couple, luckily not married

We have been together since 2004, spending half of the time other places than home (this still makes our parents crazy). Btw. we love to travel, but maybe you have already figured. We haven't found a better way of spending our time and money yet. If we will, we will let you know. And one more thing: we don't argue while traveling, so it could be the reason why we are on the way so often...

WE travel on budget

We travel low cost, but we are not typical backpackers. No dorms, no "recommended" hostels, no overcrowded pubs full of young wasted backpackers asking you where you are from. Nope. We are probably too old for that. And honestly we don't need to travel far to drink a bottle of vodka every day, we could pretty much stay at home to do that...

WE like selfies

We had been taking selfies long time before the word selfie was invented. Yes, we are that old. And guess what? We don't own a selfie stick and we probably never will...

OUR ugly, but real pictures

We are not proffesional photographers or models, neither photoshop freaks. Instagram effects are the only and most advanced tool we use sometimes. Our pictures may not be the most beautiful, but they are genuine and taken by us. If there is a grey sky, we won't make it blue for you. Sorry....The world is beautiful enough, we don't need to photoshop it!

WHY our english sucks?

We are not English native speakers and we will never understand how to use "a" and "the" correctly. We believe that if you want to understand us, you will. If not, you can still look at our pictures. On our journeys, we use hands and face to communicate with locals, anyway. Otherwise we speak English, Norwegian, Spanish, Russian and Czech.

WE are not special

If you think we are special in some way, we have to disappoint you. We are normal humans like you are. We are travel bloggers, but we don't travel with an infant, we have not been on our way constantly for 14 years, we are not millionairs, nor traveling with no money at all. Nope. I guess we are pretty ordinary people, except the "normal life" with a job from 8 to 5 is not quite for us. You are very lucky we won't share the stories from that life with you, as you probably know how boring it is. We will try to inspire you to quit your job and go explore the world. If we can do it, you can do it too! And that is probably our point. To show that everyone can travel. Life is too short to wait....

Sorry mummy and daddy, we will never be able to promise that we are DONE with travelling...

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Who is nomadicIVA?

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nomadicIVA is our dear host blogger. As soon as she found out that the earned money can be exchanged for an experience of foreign cultures, exotic food, different architecture, distinct nature, excitement and anxiety from the new in the same time, she started to measure her happiness by the number of journeys and visited countries.
She traveled almost all the countries in Southeast Asia and Europe, visited China, India, Nepal, Armenia, Georgia and lived in New Zealand.
Her current desires are to see Aurora Borealis, active volcano with lava flow, salt plains and Hanami.

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