The best things in travel are free
--- our collection of moments and memories---

The true cliché says that the best things in life are free. It is the same with travel. Sure, you need some money to get there and survive, but that’s it. You can buy expensive hotel rooms, but will you really remember peeing in a fancy bathroom? What are the experiences that really create your memories?

We will never forget the freedom we feel when we travel independently. The possibility to explore any place on earth you wish. The excitement and happiness of visiting a country, you have never been to, can’t really compare to anything we have ever bought. It is like being a kid again and discovering a new world. New people, language, food, religion. It is also the time when you realize that every single second of the day is yours. You decide if you stay or when you move further. Or you can just let everything go its way and observe. It is one of the best feelings in the world that makes you feel free...and it is for free.

It is amazing, of course, to see all the beautiful sights that cost money, but maybe you won’t remember all the temples and museums you have visited. What you will remember are the moments, because they are connected to your emotions. And these small moments are triggered by quite simple things.

 The best things in travel are free

So here is a list of our small moments and memories that didn’t cost us any extra money, but we can’t put price on them:

Having a ten minute chat with a stranger in a language you don’t understand

Feeling that you don’t actually need more clothes than a T-shirt, shorts and flip flops

Enjoying a mountain view at a place you have never been before

Seeing a dog on a motorbike balancing behind the driver

Sitting on a tiny plastic chair tucked in a jeepney full of smiling locals

Swimming in glowing plankton for the first time

Feeling you have more common with a person living in a jungle than with your neighbor

Eating with your hands from a plastic bag for the first time

Answering the question “What’s your name?” for the 27th time in an hour, still smiling

Being so dirty that it doesn’t matter any more

Drinking a beer in an altitude you have never been before – almost for free :)

Hiking with a bunch of poor and dirty kids that are following you

Going by bus through rice fields while listening to local music

Seeing the aurora borealis for the first time in your life

Seeing a turtle swimming in the sea full of sun shine

Watching a sunset in a village that doesn’t have the electricity

Trying food you have no idea how to eat while all the locals laugh at you

Sharing life stories with a Kyrgyz guy on a horseback

Watching the waves all alone on a remote beach

A hug from a person you will never see again

Feel free to continue our list and share your travel memories in the discussion below.

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