What is in my travel toiletry bag?

The great thing about traveling is that you got lots of sleep, sun, fresh air, no stress and great nutrition in form of fresh fruits and vegetables. Plus when we travel we don't usually eat and drink that much junk food like at home. This can do miracles to your skin and hair condition, so you can skip the products you use to repair the damage caused by the bad nutrition. You don't need tons of makeup. Come on. Feel free during your holiday and stop carying about how you look at least few weeks in a year. You look usually better than home because of the tan and happy holiday smile, so don't worry. Plus who wants to check the makeup all the time in the heat and the dirt. I am totally fine with BB cream for my face and coconut oil for my hair instead of conditioners.

What is in my travel toiletry bag??

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pack light!
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