What to pack for Southeast Asia?
--- an ultimate list for backpacking ---

In general there are two types of people when we talk about packing for the holiday. Those who love it and pick carefuly every item on the list and think about it fourteen times before they put it in the bag. Those people have everything ready couple weeks before the date. The other kind of people hate packing so much that they start to throw things in the backpack half in panic just couple hours before the departure. No matter which group you belong to, we thought we could give you some packing tips because we spent quite lot of time in Southeast Asia. Everyone has different needs, of course, but you can alternate the items on our list, so it suits you.

What to pack for Southeast Asia?

Before we start, there are few thing you should remember:

Buy a smaller backpack

Bigger backpack you buy, more things you are gonna pack and carry around. How many litres? 60 litres is way too much, 35 litres is maybe too little. It should be comfortable, nothing else matters. It will get dirty and smelly soon, anyway.

Don't overpack

Repeat this mantra 10 times. Yes, everyone says it and it is TRUE. Believe us that you are gonna regret every sock you took extra when you are gonna carry the backpack in 40 degrees for more than 500 metres.

Organize well

You are gonna take out and pack in everything at least two times every day, so you should think first how you are gonna organize your backpack. Use your common sense. If you know you use the sunscream every 2 hours, don't put it to the bottom. Use different packing bags for your clothes. You don't need to buy anything expensive made special for traveling. We use IKEA packing bags and they are fine. Tip: Pack some extra zip lock bags.

Buy there or take from home?

You can REALLY buy everything you need in Southeast Asia, but if you own the most of it, it makes sense to pack it with you. It is actually not that important if you are going to take it from home or buy it there. You are gonna carry it, anyway. So keep it in mind reading our list. Sure you can buy the most things everywhere, but do you really want to spend a day in a supermarket finding all the stuff you could take from home?


I like to use a money belt for my passport, credit card, insurance card and money not because of the robbery (all the thieves know about them), but I like to have them on my body on one place, so I don't need to think about them. And it works for picpockets! For the rest - tickets, documents, copy of our passports, vaccination card etc. I use the travel document wallet.









pack light!
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