Why travel low cost?

We believe that saving money is not the only reason why you should travel low cost. You maybe think that if you travel low cost, you can’t see, experience or taste everything you want, but it is actually the opposite. Traveling low cost gives you more opportunities, memories and it makes you a better person. There is no point to pay more if it won’t bring you better experience. It is also about choosing more important things over your comfort.

Why travel low cost?

Get more freedom

You are actually more free than you think when traveling on budget. It gives you opportunity to go any place on earth without worrying if there is a good hotel or restaurant. No plans, no limitations, no bookings in advance. You never know where you are going to sleep next night which is always exciting. You can stay with locals or overnight in the nature if you have the equipment. The world is full of cheap places to sleep and eat. It gives you not only freedom, but you become more open for anything happening on your journey.

Get closer to local people

By staying with locals you got a chance to experince the life from their side. You can sleep at their home, eat their food and commute like they do. It may not be fancy, and comfortable, but it will be genuine. You can meet awesome people that you would never meet in an expensive hotel for tourists. And it makes you to realize how hard life they have. It can motivate you to help in the future or at least you become more thankful for all the good things you have at your home.

Support the community

If you choose to stay, eat and travel with locals, you bring money to the real people who need it. Sure you can easily pick a nice-looking restaurant on the main street recommended by a guide, probably full of tourists. If you think that is always a guarantee of a good quality food, you are wrong. The only thing guaranteed is usually the double price. We always take a risk, walk for more 15 minutes, find a small hidden place that may not look fancy, but you can be surprised with awesome food, more privacy, cheap prices and nice people who appreciate you chose them while all the tourists stream to the places on the main road.

Choose better experience

Imagine you want to go to a waterfall or to a mountain view. You can take an expensive private taxi with AC or you can walk. In the taxi you don’t have time to meet all the smiling local people greeting you on the way, you can’t wave to the kids on the road and play with them, you will miss a beautiful butterfly and you don’t buy a snack at a small shop – the only thing sold that day. Small things that could make the day for you or them. And what is the most important - you will never have the same feeling from seeing a mountain view when you got there by a taxi than when you have climbed it self. You will be probably exhausted, sweaty and dirty, but with a great feeling that you have done it and you deserve the view. This makes you stronger and more proud of yourself.

We don’t say the low cost traveling is for everyone. Someone prefers the comfort, five star hotels and high class dining and it is perfectly fine. We love to travel low cost no matter on how much money we have and it won’t probably change if we would become billionairs. We just wanted to share the good things about it...

Remember, it won’t be easy and comfortable, but it will be so much worth it!

Travel cheap!

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